Weasels for Peace!

{this is just an orphan resulting from the Ethos Burning post.}

{it’s poorly written and totally undeveloped, but here it is anyhow - sorry if it sucks}

The Underground Weasel Rebellion

Amongst the brutish, conniving, thieving, power hungry weasels exist an underground network of weasels who would change the status quo. These are the newly formed Weasel Guard, covert members of the Weasel Rebellion - operating in small adhoc groups, accomplishing various dangerous, but discreet missions for the rebellion. Primary Objective number one: establish peace and solidarity with Mice-kind in order to unite and then uproot and destroy the tryanny of the current weasel regime, with the hopes of restructuring towards an era of prosperity via peace, trade and the sharing of knowledge between mice and weasels.)

Being a very recent organization - and one who’s main tenent is to achieve peace with Mice-kind - The Weasel Guard mimic much of the organizational structure and traditions of the Mouse Guard.

With regards to Weasel Guard Nature 0, Nature 7:

At Nature 0, the character looses too much of his animal nature and becomes a bit too “wierd” to relate to: he begins thinking too much in terms of the past and future rather than the here and now. The character has becomes too unweaselike to continue an active role within the Weasel Guard: perhaps he becomes too focused on theory and philosophy - or science and the arts; or perhaps simply too pacifistic and conservative to engage in any real kind of deliberate direct action. Or maybe he just burns out. It’s not rare for these characters to still maintain some sort of contact with the rebellion, but do not take any sort of active role beyond a loose and indirect supporting capacity: archivists, historians, mentors, safehouses, etc.

At Nature 7, the character has “succumbed” to his Nature and is no longer able to participate in the Weasel Guard, he’s become too weasle-like to have any interest in pursing greater ideals. Similar to Nature 0, it’s not that the character ‘defects’ from the rebellion or is no longer generally aligned with it at some remote fundamental level, it’s just that he simply looses all interest in continuing to engage in stuggles beyond his own immediate natural needs and instincts. He basically drops out of “weasel society” altogether, to join his more “wild” bretheren.

{The primary device at work here is the fact that aggressive, gloating, and burrow stealing are often/usually going to be quite at odds with the objectives and functions of the Weasel Guard, who’s missions primarilly consist of caution and finnesse, sensitivity and secrecy, and peace making.}

No, it doesn’t suck, it’s an interesting idea. I’m playing with something similar in the meta plot for my running Mouse Guard campaign and Mouse Guard hack SPQM but there it’s the ferrets who are planning an uprising. My current thoughts aren’t having the players playing ferrets but rather meeting these strange weasels that are yet bigger and scarier than usual weasels but still maybe not that aggressive like usual weasl but definitely having plans and doing something secretive in the background.

Nice! That’s gonna be alot of fun for the players!

Definitely opens up all kinds of exciting/surprising new elements to the canon MG setting.

It would be fun and interesting to think about replacements and additions as far as skills. For example, the weasels may or may not keep bees, or insects, and might have some other, similar skill (souch as mouse-driver.) Also, they might have a skill such as intimidator to go along with orrator, deceiver, and persuador.