Weather, how to use?

I admit that I’m a bit confused about the interaction between the Weather mission complication and the Weather Watcher skill.

Say, as the GM I decide that one of the mission complications is that it’s become unseasonably cold and there’s a snow-storm blowing in.

Now, the players obviously don’t want their mice to be caught out in a snowstorm, so they use the Weather Watcher skill and manage to succeed.

What now? How is that predicted in character? Is it that the Snowstorm is much less severe/passes over quicker than it was originally was intended to and is replaced by weather of their choosing? Or that it just doesn’t snow at all and they get weather of their choosing right away?

It just feels a bit too meta and I’m not sure how to interpret it IC.

Weather Watcher has to be tested before the weather twist is brought into play. “He can predict the next change in weather…”


Like Luke said: at this point, it’s too late for Weather Watcher to do any good for this particular Weather twist. The players can for sure pop a squat and do some Weather Watching in the middle of this snowstorm, but all it’s going to do is predict the weather for the next time the GM makes a weather twist, or the weather for the beginning of the next session, whichever comes first.

Where I’ve seen weather watcher used the most is during Player turns before the next GM turn. I they arrived at a town and it was crazy windy outside when they got there, it will be crazy windy when they leave, unless they make a weather watcher test and say “I’ve looked at the clouds and stars, this wind should pass in a few days, lets head out then”