Weather Questions!

Weather change question

p. 60 says:
During the mission, the weather can
change under two conditions: if a player uses his Weather Watcher skill, or if the GM imposes a weather-based twist.

So this basically means i can’t use “the weather is changing” as an obstacle?!

The only way to use that as an obstacle is to make the patrol do a weather watcher test as an obstacle. I guess i can do that but it seems kind of forced. What if they don’t do the weather watcher test? It’s not like they automatically fail then. I have to wait for another test to fail to make introduce the twist. But if i want to start the session with a conflict that is weather related i can only do that by making them test Weather Watcher first…

It’s confusing.
Also, how does using a cricket for weather watching work? There are multiple ways to handle that:

#1 A cricket is just a weather watching tool. It adds +1D to a WW test.
#2 A cricket works like a mount for weather watching. So you can roll it’s nature instead of your skill. That sucks though because it is only nature 2.
#3 You can roll Insectrist instead of Weather Watcher
#3.1 And you must make an Insectrist 4 (cricket,one,obey) test and it will tell you the weather that is coming (but you can’t change it?)
#3.2 You roll Insectrist instead of Weather Watching but maybe at +1ob

I think a full on weather obstacle is legit. I only put that limitation in there to make weather changes slow and deliberate. You don’t want the weather changing at every obstacle. It won’t feel right.
But if you have a mission that involves a long hike and then a sudden rain shower, I think that’s well within the spirit of the game.