Weird Idea for a Companion/Relationship

I have a really strange idea for a character, but there is one element I am not sure how to treat. The character concept is an insane wizard, who uses art magic, and part of his back story is that he loved a girl, who rejected him. Love-stricken and utterly insane, he decided to polymorph her, into a raven, and he keeps her as his pet, keeping her from flying away, with false-promises that one day he will turn her back. My question is should I spend rps on a relationship, a companion animal, or both? I am going to take low speech (birds), so I will be able to communicate with her.

That’s a relationship. A messed-up one, sure, but she’s a one-time human who could well become one again.

That’s a great relationship. Pay for her according to her importance to your campaign—perhaps when she was human rather than avian.

I love this one. it has the of feeling from the movie “Ladyhawk” but yes I think it is a relationship in my oppinion.

I should check that movie out. I think I saw it, being aired on TV, a long time ago, but I don’t really remember much about it.