Well, now that's over

Hey, so I’ve been waiting to post something about the election, and it gave me so much to think of in mining the world around myself to develop mission and campaign ideas. One of the things I’ve been thinking about lots is the diversity of governmental models that can be injected into the MG world. See, there’s nothing that directly states the governmental models at play in many settlements and the structure of the Guard isn’t even detailed.

So, there’s the governmental model, but also all the various side-lined items that factored into the entire election season. There was conspiracy theory, conspiracy, partisan platforms, interference from external entities, foreign interests and rare statements from foreign leaders, alleged voter fraud, voter fraud, alleged voter suppression, voter suppression, and so many other things commingled with reasonably normal political maneuvering in America.

I think I’m gong to have to use trigger warnings in my next few sessions just in case. I’m going to have a massive election campaign in Lillygrove, and I will be yuge!

Uuh nice! I got an idea that maybe party is invited to secure the election’s safety and independency and when they face the candidates and inspect the city, they would face some problems. Maybe ethical, maybe against the guard’s will or maybe against the BIGs!