This started out as a DnD map, and will be my go to world for Torchbearer.

Avalon was originally the town of Daile, but one of the players got so rich in DnD he took over the town by spending lots of money on it. Then he renamed it to Avalon.

Mistmorn is the dwarven hall.

Woodstock is the elf land.

Lord Whitetails Manor is the Religious Bastion.

Shiredon is the Remote Village.

Westhaven is the Bustling Metropolis.

Freehaven is the Busy Crossroads.

The Wizards Tower is in Avalon and belongs to Eldris the Mage (kicked out of the Wizards Guild in Westhaven)

The monsters are indicated by various monster icons. The one near Westhaven is an accident.

The Mountains of Madness is a Cthulu inspired dungeon that featured a ghoul guard system, various species of humans (kept to be experimented on by Yuggoth), and the laboratory of the Fungi from Yuggoth.

The Crystal Caves of Chaos was a glassy dungeon that featured such rooms as the Edition Flame War Library: full of the 7 editions of the Worlds Most Popular Role Playing game (and smelled vaguely of macaroni and cheese and hotdogs) The Puppet Room of Doom, and Barry the Wight (who had a music player that plays slow melodic tunes with deep base sounds).

It has been a blast to see the world change in DnD and how it will change in Torchbearer.


You can play an elf from Woodstock. I like it. And your dungeons have caught my interest. You should check out the Mines of Madness from the free D&D Next playtest. I have a feeling the Mines would fit in well somewhere near Mistmorn. That dungeon has a room named Good to the Last Drop that features piercers and another area called Deep Sh*t.