We've Been Doing It All Wrong, You Guys

From the Twitters:

“Burning Wheel protip: don’t buy shoes, instead take a 1 point minor negative relationship with a family member WHO STOLE YOUR SHOES! #ARTHA

That is splendid.

My Two lifepath street urchin Skinthad a drunken dad … that was a cobbler. Skint had the belief: “I will find the money to buy shoes from my father, and prove to him that I am not worthless”. He ended up working for a necromancer to secretly dig up bodies of children for his experiments, and he stole shoes from corpse of a child about Skint’s size. The shoes were fancy and had laces.

He later put together a belief to kill his dad for not giving him shoes. Damn that game was dark.

I’ve finally become internet famous!