Whaddya do if the PCs separate?

Reading through Winter 1152 got me wondering - how do you handle the GM’s turn if the PCs separate (either deliberately, or through accident, as in Saxon’s case)?

Do you give them each a mission, or ought you divide the number of obstacles between the two teams?

I dunno. You tell me. They’re still one patrol.

I could see that leading to some interesting Conflicts. The patrol is separated, but they’re still working towards the same goal.

This happened in a session we played and it played out fine. The GM went to the Players’ Turn pretty close to when the two split and allowed them to spend their checks to establish what they wanted to do. It came together such that the next GM’s turn would have been one Mission, with the PCs seperate but working towards each other again.

One thing to note is that split, the PCs are a lot weaker, so there is an inbuilt motivation for players to keep together.