What all is your mouse packing?

I’m moderately puzzled. I see comments like this scattered through the boards a lot. I’m either supremely unusual, or missing something, because my Mouse Guard character is carrying as much (or maybe more) than any of my D&D characters in recent history, not counting coinage and clothing. He’s carrying a bow, quiver with 12 arrows (1 broken) and a scroll case with his map(s), his cloak, knife, sword (just picked up), a couple pouches with his fletching kit, ink and quill, and a vial of scent-border fluids. All of this could be easily depicted on the mouse silhouette if I had half an ounce of artistic skill, and easily fits into the ‘Gear’ section of the character sheet.

I know how it would all be managed and described Siemon’s packing process at the beginning of our PBEM campaign (a great game which is just now reaching the end of the first session), because I’ve packed things very similarly for Ren Faire and SCA events.

What all is everyone trying to carry that people are having trouble? What am I missing?

it does seem like quite a bit even considering the equipment is appropriately sized for a mouse.

i think of it in terms of my memories as a soldier. I had a toughbox with loads of gear to last a full deployment. Then, I had a rucksack with loads of gear to handle about three days of action if needed. Lastly, I has my basic load all attached to my body armor pretty much at all times. Depending on the situation, transport, and timeframe, I chose the stuff that needed to be packed and ready.

So, anything I packed into pockets, belt clips, neck lanyards, and any other direct connection to the body, that is what I imagine for my mousey character.

For me, a fletching kit (analog of my gun cleaning kit) would be in the rucksack. A mapcase would probably be in a body armor pocket, so part of basic load. Having a knife and sword or knife and bow doesn’t sound like much, but all three starts to seem more weighty.

However, for your ultimate question. I found that in-game some elements are just for role-play mention. Some are expected to give a bonus. But, it is a bit less fun if a player tries to have a tool for every possible utility need.

I had a player who wanted to be carrying a collection of animal field guides so he could have a -wise for any animal in the territory at a moment’s notice. I told him no; he could have a personal journal to record his own field observations of animals. Any notes he wrote down on his own paper during the game could be considered known for the future. But, it didn’t count as a -wise with a ranking.

I also had a player that wanted a field mapmaking kit. I simply told him that he’d have to make well-detailed maps at a desk after making field maps using ink and quill in a pad of paper or something like that.

I’ve found that the inclusion of food and water is often the least remembered of the players I’ve run games for.

“Guardmice are self-sufficient. As a group, they’re excellent survivalists, foragers, and pathfinders. They don’t need a lot of gear to get by in the wild.” MGRPG pg 34

In our PbP game on this site… http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?11708-Mouse-Guard-PBP-The-Rat-King if you are interested, we had one player who created a mouse who had both a “lucky acorn” and “eagle” feather. The nut we convinced was too heavy, and the feather, was trimmed to a small sliver that fit in his hat.

Anyway, all that to say, I think that most players given the right amount of direction will side with the team mentality. If the group wants to encumber their patrol to the point of ineffectiveness, then it’s ultimately their choice. But in groups like ours, we huddled around the play style of going light and quick. Which suits us best.

So returning to your question, my character Thom Grounden has on him: 1 stout spear, 1 water canteen, and one muzzle scarf (he’s from Sandmason.) Anything else, well we cross that conflict when we get there.

My last mouse had his cloak and a sling and a map.

Sample characters in book are similarly equipped. Kenzie has a staff, map and orders from Gwendolyn. Saxon has a sword and belt. Lieam has a broadsword and a whetstone.

My Guardmouse right now walks arround with a Spear and a signal horn that hangs on his Belt. He probarly has a pouch with coinage

Sorry to post so late in this but my mouse hero has his axe, bow & quiver w/ 10 reed arrows, his hunting knife (Wolf Tooth), his cloak and a whetstone. Everything else he finds in the field or makes as needed during a session.