What can I do with a Building Scene...

Long time Owner, First time GMing…
I’ve no question really - just want to get a handle on what’s folk’s are doing with builidng scenes so I can take that ‘fire’ back to my group (we’ve played BW, MG, MY but not BE before).

I hope to get folks decribing some building scenes we can talk over - I know for me if I can deconstruct it, I can handle it.

POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING - for Players of Vodar, I’ve got no secrets…:rolleyes:

Here’s what I’m mulling over… critque away.

Intent: (As GM) I want to blow up the local shuttle port using the cultists, this’ll create some friction among PC beliefs and I hope to use it to gain an advanatge die in an upcoming DoW by citing the incident. The cultists (Faction) are supported a famous celebrity (GMFON), using this FUND I make a resources test to equip the suicide-cultists. One inconspicuous test later…B O O M!!
But - I’m puzzled at how to Get the cultists, are they just color? do they get circled up or paid w/resources? I do have a test left…and I don’t want them trumped by color before they can deliver their goods.

Couple ways to do that:

  1. As a builder. This is kinda stretching things (I’d go with it if the shuttleport is unimportant color and it’s the act that is important, but if the shuttleport matters for any real reason, even just as color, you might need a conflict scene…) but it can certainly be done. You need the cultists, you need some explosives and someone to set up the explosives, and you need to get the payload to the target.

If you have activated the cultist faction, that gives you cultists (assuming that color has established the Cult Churches faction as capable of this sort of action… If everything up to now has painted them as antigovernment, antimilitary pacifists, you’ll need at the very least a color scene to establish a militant extremist underground, and probably a Circles test to find those members).

The explosives could be obtained by circling up a demo expert, or by tech burning up some suicide belts. You’d also need some kind of test to get the bombs+bombers to the 'port.

  1. As a sequel to a successful Take Action or to a Gambit (even an unsuccessful one, but in that case it all blows back on you…) This is nice because you just get to say that it happened, but it’s only for use if the whole point of blowing the 'port is to have a shuttleport attack in the news and make the players think about it. It’s not really kosher to use a sequel to take away something the players need and use.