What do your long term characters look like?

What characters have you played for a long time and how have they changed?

I had our group’s first L10 character. Ankis started out as a simple Roden guide with Owl-Wise and a curiosity about Baron Muut, an old god of the Dead. In his career, he had Shank-Wise and got to be pretty violent. But he ended his career set to retire as the new leader of the church of Baron Muut when he died helping stop the rise of the evil goddess Manea. His spot was filled by the now L7 human thief, Cricket.

We have two L10s in our group now. Gigglin is a goblin shaman who spent most of his career spiting the goblin god Zigeroth and enjoying the sounds of chaos. He now has the trait Zigeroth’s Favorite Son, recently OFFICIALLY prayed to him, helped stop the rise of a Selwin, a fallen character turned vampire who was attempting to take Manea’s place, only to find that he had had also been possessed by the essence of Manea—so, if he rose to godhood, so, again, would she. But, with Gigglin’s help, we slew Selwin and stopped Manea 2. Now Gigglin sees the need for balance between Law and Chaos. (His Belief is now “Without Law, Chaos wouldn’t be any fun.)

Our third L10 is Turin, who started his career as an imprisoned thief. When a cleric came to take his confession, he slew the man, took his robes and holy symbol and escaped. As a punishment by the gods, he was forcefully bonded with an angel and effectively turned to a cleric. (Starting armor, weapons, skills and traits of a thief, advancing as a cleric from L2 and on. He had to learn everything from scratch.) He fought the bond at first but soon saw the errors of his ways and embraced his new destiny. He has now been invited to help make changes in the church so as to create alliances with other religions instead of forceful conversion.

Those are our three longest-played characters. (We’ve been playing quite a while.)

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Are you able to post character sheets?

Curious to see how the skills, abilities, and items line up.

7th level is the max in my groups.

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