What does a riddling conflict look like in play?

Do the players bring riddles to the table? What do each of the action types look like? There’s The Hobbit type situation where the two character both riddle at each other but there’s also the sphinx type situation where only one participant does so while the other is tested. Are both valid conflicts or is the second kind perhaps a single test instead?

Both examples I’d consider valid. The third is a rap-battle. The fourth is from Romeo and Juliet, act 1, scene 1… prior to the entry of Tybalt… R&J script

Rap battles FTW. :wink:
Instinct: When battle rapping always ‘dis’ my opponent by flipping (reverse their line).

All of the above. The scene in The Hobbit where they trick the trolls into staying out til sunrise is also an example.

Rap battles suggests an amazing setting for a game. A 10x10 room with an orc and a box turns into “You Got Served.” There should also be dance fighting.

“I’M OUT!”

sword drop