What does Gray Greed do?

I quoted this from an earlier thread. I’m having some difficulty finding this in the Gold book. How does Gray Greed increase steel test obstacles? And what else does Gray Shading Greed do in the game, mechanically speaking? I’m asking because we have a starting character with a B7 Greed, and we are considering Gray Shading it so that he can have some room to ramp up the Greed over a little more time.

If Greed’s higher than your hesitation, you use it as an obstacle (p. 122, “She’s Magnificent”), and any time a Gray-shade ability is used to generate an obstacle for a Black ability, you add 2 to the Ob (p. 545, Heroic and Supernatural Obstacles).

(As a follow-up query, I wonder if G5 Greed is “higher” than Hesitation 6. Perhaps you just use the higher of the two Obs, nevermind comparing exponents.)

I believe when you tap that Greed to do greedy things, those dice are grey.

I remember Luke saying there was no mixing of shades, but I feel like tapping Grey Greed with a Persona point should let you roll grey dice.


I’m not sure if Greed dice are considered “Heroic and Supernatural Gear”, because if they were, then that would be correct. (Page 546 - talking about rolling different coloured dice to represent it)

But if Greed dice is considered “Helping Dice and FoRKs”, then these dice have to be “rolled at the shade of the skill being tested” (Page 547).

So which are they? Gear or Helping dice?

Ha! Read my sig. Just another case of rules blur from versions past. It happens when you get this old.

Did we ever get a definitive answer to this elsewhere?

This wasn’t definitively answered here and I don’t believe was answered elsewhere. That said, if you have a new question on this, may I suggest you start a new thread on it instead of resurrecting a six-month fallow thread.