What does the Guard Captain want?

Hey guys!

One of the mice (Liam) in my patrol has a Guard Captain as an enemy. During his early time in the guard he didn’t follow orders and got another mouse killed (or so) and so the Guard Captain send him on a suicide mission into the Wild Country. But Liam survived.

Now the Patrol has just come back to Lockhaven but Gwendolyn isn’t there and said Guard Captain (Connor) is in charge. The patrol needs to report to him that Weasels have attacked the northwestern mouse territories.

I want to have an Argument conflict in the beginning of the session to determine what the rest of the mission will be about but i don’t know what kind of mission Connor he would send them on.

Basically he would send the most experienced fighters of the Guard after the weasels and give another mission to our heroes. So what would the mission be?

Two of them have beliefs about working together being the best the Guard can do. Liam’s belief is “Working together is important but when the time calls for it, you need to act alone”.

So i don’t know if I should give them a really easy and kind mission so they look less heroic if they just take that or if I should give them a really challenging one (because Connor still hates Liam). Giving them a really hard one is probably more interesting and gives them something to fight over.

But what would the mission be? Right now it is middle of Sommer and it is raining for quite some while.

If you’re really uncertain about what the rest of the mission would be following the Argument, I might recommend re-working it so that the session ends with the Argument conflict rather than begins with it. The players should give you plenty of ideas during the conflict that you could use as a basis for the following session.

And remember: even if the players lose the conflict and get sent off on a different (less important) mission, it should not be too hard for you as GM to nudge them back along whatever path makes the most sense. Make the lesser mission something that is easily overcome (maybe even in a single test, or two), then drop news on them that the contingent of “experienced fighters” has been defeated and/or captured, and that it’s up to them to rescue them.

Or, since Gwendolyn is “somewhere else”, maybe your players’ mice might want to seek her out so they can plead their case to Gwen, and have her override Connor’s decision.

Why would i care what mission specifically they are on? If they get send on a lesser mission that is their problem to deal with, not mine.