What exactly is 'Awakening a Fylgja'?

A recurring phrase appears in the book - there are magics or abilities that require ‘awakening your fylgja’.

The book doesn’t make explicit the trigger for this awakening, so there is speculation whether this requires merely identifying your fylgja, or whether characters must successfully perform the Heroforming ritual.

I see the confusion. It’s the process described on page 59. Someone has to identify your fylgja with the Eye of Omens or Vision of the Lords of Chaos and Law. Then you need someone to teach you the Heroforming ritual. It is well known to Skyrnir and Sakki but rarely known by other people. This requires the person that knows the ritual to make a Mentor test to teach you. Once you know the ritual, you must perform it at least once.


So it’s the second one? Do you have to successfully perform the ritual?

Can the Skynir and Sakki use their natures instead of the Ritualist skill?

Yes, the second one. You must successfully perform the ritual at least once. That could either be rolling enough successes or failing and getting a condition.

Anyone can use their nature rather than the ritualist skill if they don’t have the ritualist skill. However, Skyrnir nature is storytelling, skygazing and herding, so it would be outside their nature. Sakki nature is climbing, skiing and spirit-binding, so I could probably be convinced that heroforming falls within their spirit-binding nature. They’d still only have the option to roll nature if they don’t have the ritualist skill though.

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