What Happens if the Vaylen Are Blown Away in Infiltration?

Thor’s Note: Split from this thread

Not to completely sidetrack, but this brought up a point I’ve been curious about. If the Human side blows the Vaylen away in Infiltration, how would people play out the Vaylen’s attempts at Usurpation since they would have gotten no effective way to get worms on-planet? It seems like a concessionless victory for the humans in Infiltration pretty well blocks the Vaylen from attempting a traditional Usurpation.

Well, I think the first thing is that the Infiltration isn’t so much about getting a single worm on the planet so much as it is about setting up a reliable method for bringing in large quantities of worms.

If that fails, it’s going to be up to the agents already on planet to usurp key individuals to clear the way, or for outside Vaylen fingers to get themselves planetside and do the same.

That said, if the human side manages to win without any compromise at all, it’s probably best for the Vaylen to accept defeat and wait a generation or two before trying again.

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