What happens when you apply beginners luck to a graduated test?

Does the Ob of the graduated test double from 1 to 2?

Do you halve your successes?

I would halve the successes and round down. But, I don’t see anything in the book.

Beginner’s Luck states to double the obstacle penalties for tests, so for graduated tests I’d double the ob for each category.

That’s what I thought, but that would just double the ob from 1 to 2, which seems a bit strange. Aren’t you supposed to be unable to fail graduated tests?

You can roll 0 successes on a graduated test, in which case what you learn is twisted somehow… or you learn something you should not have.

Yeah, as a GM I’d be tempted to really throw something harsh at player should they fail an graduated test. After all it’s only Ob 1 (or 2 in this case)!