What happens when you lose a "Flee" contest?

Since statement of purpose is fixed for Kill, Drive Off, and Flee conflicts, what happens when someone fails to flee. They are caught of course. But then what?

Is it a twist? Do the pursuers get to start a conflict of their own (lets say, you know just for example, flesh easting zombies) of their choice? Conditions applied?

Conditions or a twist that could lead to a new conflict (like Kill or Capture).

I don’t quite follow. If you fail to flee, you are captured. What more do you need?

Actually, that is it. The end state of failing a Flee conflict is “Capture”. I just didn’t know, as it could have been “unable to flee”, “surrounded”, “cut off”, etc and then open to a Kill, Drive Off, or other conflicts. I mean, captured, those can still happen for sure, but it’s also reasonable to say “you’re bound and locked in a cellar”.

That said. A “Flee” conflict, is just the inverse of the “Capture” conflict, which I dig.


Right. The game doesn’t end when you’re captured. But your options do change a bit!

Does this mean that in a “flee” conflict the aggressor should use it’s capture disposition and the person trying to get away should test the relative skill to determine his or her flee disposition?

No. All the monsters are keyed to the players. If the players decide to flee, the monsters use their Flee disposition. If the players decide to kill, the monsters use their kill disposition, etc.