What is the Character Burner?

I’m considering buying BWG Revised so I was wondering what the Character Burner is and if I still need it, is it still relevant/compatible with Revised?

Thanks all.

Hi @Ranger.

It’s not necessary!

Back in the day, Burning Wheel came in 2 books, effectively splitting the Character Burner from the rest of the rules.

Since BWG, it’s a single Mighty Tome.

Reference to the Character Burner now refers to a specific (extensive) section in the book that helps you create your character.

I don’t have mine to hand (it’s at home), but the section starts around page 77ish, and details the lifepaths and how to create player characters, and takes up about a quarter of the book.

You can see reference to it in the Hub & Spokes PDF in the Burning Wheel Store.


Ok thank you Mark

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