What is the finance skill?

I was creating a character for fun and decided to make a merchant. One of their skills increases their finance rating, but there is no mention of the Finance skill on the character sheet or what the skill would even do under the life path.

What exactly is it for and what is its governing ability?

The finance skill is a lifepath skill! It’s right under General skills on the character sheet. Those blanks are for you to write in any skills you gain from lifepaths that aren’t general skills. If you run out of room or have uncommon ones, there’s an extra block on the left side of the sheet.

As for the governing ability, I don’t think it has one? The only place I can find where governing abilities are is on the second sheet of the PDF. So I assume that if it’s not there, it must start at 1/6.

This is just my reading so far. I’ve done character generation with my group and we’re playing later tonight, but we ran into that problem too and that’s the only answer I came up with. Hope it helps!

Edit: the description of lifepath skills are on page 132

It’s a placeholder. We’ll have rules for using Finance to make large loans to institutions, investing in joint stock companies and getting returns on your investments in 1648. In France in 1648 there’s real estate investment and speculation, plus always investment in the grain market for bread. But no joint stock companies as of yet. The VOC in Amsterdam is one of the first.

Thank you for the reminder!

Maybe use Wisdom for the Governor. I don’t know why isn’t not on the character sheet. I will have to fix that.

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