What is the Nature of a bridge?

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Can I just ask, how did you go about determining a nature for the bridge?

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well, that example of a mission isn’t great. It’s pretty convoluted and has a few bad mechanics implemented. It looks like an entirely mismatched Bridge-Building Conflict, which is unnecessary.

Instead, consider how you would interpret the mission for yourself. Here’s a summary of my interpretation:

Building Good Bridges
Intro the session:
In a hamlet near Wolfepointe, the patrol mediates a dispute regarding a toll bridge as well as mends a family rift. With a good bit of spare time, another bridge can be built to serve the community also.

Assign the Mission:
The patrol must get the community bridge opened for use and free of the toll; otherwise, build a new bridge controlled by no other mouse.

GM Turn: Mice : Weather
Family Feud (Mice Obstacle):
Edgar and Saggory control a bridge with spiteful abuse upon community mice who wish to cross. Each charges a toll to cross and becomes angry if a mouse complains about paying on the opposite side. This is the poor condition of the hamlet when the patrol arrives–Edgar and Saggory now maintain trade promises and control barter; because, no mouse has any money left to pay a toll in currency.

The patrol could argue it out, or give these mice a serious whipping (Argument or Fight Conflict). In either case, the rest of the community will give full jurisdiction to the patrol to carry out their intent.

Edgar and Saggory have the split halves of their father’s lucky betting coin which has become a galling, bitter greed to gain the other half. It might help the dispute if the patrol were aware of this contention.

Days of Thunder (Weather Obstacle):
The Summer heat in the high mountains leads to daily thunderstorms with dangerous lightning. Although the heavy rains are daily, the heat dries up the grasses and creates a fire hazard when lightning strikes. If too many more strikes are near the hamlet, this might cause a fire which routs the community.

The patrol should be prepared for an evacuation and possible resettlement–even if temporary (Survivalist vs Season).

The community assists in the care of multiple wild beehives and frequently harvests clover honey. This is a high-value luxury if anyone could afford a trip into lower settlements for selling; no one would be upset to stay alive during a fire, but most mice in this community want to stay near the beehives–it is their best source for good food and a cultural foundation.

Twists: Animal : Wilderness
To Bee or Not to Bee (Animal Twist):
Edgar keeps a tame hive of honeybees and has developed the hive over many years; they’ll respond to his commands with loyalty and motivation. If the patrol tries fighting Edgar, they had better do a good job of it. Edgar will exact his revenge by sending his beehive out to harass the patrol–it could cause death for a young or elderly mouse!

The patrol will have to act fast to avoid becoming targets of the hive’s temper. This might be a Fight Animal Conflict or a Nature escaping test depending on how the patrol reacts.

Finding a Way Home (Wilderness Twist):
The storms and wildfires have finally done all to the poor hamlet; there will be no way for the mice to resettle following evacuation. This means the patrol must assist in resettling the community elsewhere. The first spot to look is in Wolfepointe, yet the scorched landscape makes pathfinding almost impossible.

The patrol faces a complex situation here: find a new spot, settle mice in, convince mice to stay, and give the mice hope. It is a challenging expectation. At least there are no bridges to open at a new community location.

End of GM Turn:
The patrol has a mixed up challenge here to settle matters and possibly resettle the hamlet. One critical benefit should be a new friendship with a prominent member of the community if the patrol has done all that is possible to ensure safety and assist the community. No one here hates the Guard, even when they disagree!

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