What skills for a murderer to 'clean up' a crime scene?

Hi gang, my brother’s character in our latest on-on-one game has just committed foul murder in the chambers of his lord and host and has the intent of getting rid of the body whilst cleaning up the chamber and making it look as if nothing is amiss, as to suggest that the Lord Illustre Viperi has gone ‘missing’.

I’m a bit stumped at to what skills to use for the task?

He has already passed an extortion test to have the chambers not serviced by any other servants (he is the Lord’s valet), so he has until break of day undisturbed to complete his foul deception.

He has suggested circling up a known accomplice in his affiliated underground resistance to help clean and lug the body.

But the actual act of removing any evidence of a scuffle, cleansing the blood stains, etc?

Is this falsehood? Or Labourer? Or inconspicuous? A linked test of all three? A wise? Like: Cleaning up after a crime-wise?

We left it as a cliff hanger, but I have until saturday night to come up some ideas. Complications for failure are easy :wink:

Ideas for task?

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Perhaps Perception. He’s cleaning it up to the point when he can’t see the evidence any more, if that makes sense. But perhaps someone with better Perception or Observation can spot what he perceived to be hidden.

I’d probably treat it as a -Wise (Bad End-wise or Tragic End-wise seem like good fits), leading to linked tests depending on what you describe for your next steps— Maybe Hauling + Inconspicuous + Ditch Digging if you’re burying the body somewhere.

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This is probably a few linked tests to an eventual Falsehood test.

Each bit should be stated as an intent and (proposed) task.

Intent: “I want to get the body out of the room”
Task: “We roll him up in a rug and carry him out as if redecorating”
Obstacle: Inconspicuous


Intent: “I want to get the body out of the room”
Task: “We sneak him out through the servant’s corridor while everyone is asleep”
Obstacle: Stealthy

It’s crucial for the player to state intent and task. From there the GM can work out the obstacle and failure.


Thanks Ant, I knew I needed to break it down a little more, that works better. Also more tests with juicy consequences of failure! Plus the resultant fiction sets up the truth for the inevitable interrogation later when the falsehood test comes into play.

Cheers mate!

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