What to do with Titles and Deeds?

Any suggestion as to how to handle titles and deeds? What kinds of property do they offer? Does having your own house or castle or something affect the Town phase or lifestyle?

Indeed, what to do with ownership in a world when your character cannot legally own property because you’re neither a noble or in a guild?

What Luke says confirmed what I was gonna answer earlier (waited for his input): Owning property isn’t a setting conceit, because it implies you no longer need to dungeon delve. This is different from BW, where, even if you’re rich you’re still gonna want to Fight For What You Believe. In Torchbearer your character’s self is more incidental, and Fighting For Your Right To Live is the focus.

If a character did somehow get land, I’d say the character leaves the game and lives (more or less) happily ever after and dies old knowing his or her best days are behind 'em. All boring-like. ;]

Or circle up a potential buyer of the deed, lead an expedition to see the estate/land and try and get some cold hard lucre for your time and troubles. Fantasy real estate broker!

That’s what Levels 6-10 are.

Yeah, but they don’t have an (immediate) cash value. How much would (could) I sell it for?

Maybe you’re supposed to hang onto it until you reach level six and can bully your way into managing an estate. (Ninja’ed by CarpeGuitarrem)

Ooh! High score! Most deeds by level 6 wins!


(That’s a joke, naturally, because nobody’s supposed to live to Level 6.)

Any property you get ahold of is clearly ruined and infested with monsters. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

Have to apologize, Ludanto. After looking at the Gear section I realized that Titles and Deeds was an actual loot section. Didn’t know that. I think what I said might have come off more snarky than I meant it D:

So, you meant it some amount of snarky? :wink:

Ha! It’s fine. I figured there was a miscommunication in there someplace. :slight_smile:

So, Deeds and Titles is just a table of worthless junk, with no intent to provide treasure?

Not worthless junk. An adventure lead at worst. Could also be cash to the right buyer if the GM feels like getting creative. Could be used as a clue to a puzzle “Wait, the Blackwells owned this land?! What does this mean!” etc. etc.

I played in a D&D game recently where the party found the deed to a mine, and were later able to present it to a mechanical golem as proof that they should be allowed to pass freely through an area, as they “owned” the mine. I could definitely see using a deed in this way at some point in a TB game.

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