What's the forum run on?

I like what I see in this forum software, big-style, and wondered if there is any info as to whether it was home-grown or an instance of something and if so, what?

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Just chiming in to say that I’m digging this forum software too. Works great on mobile!


The weirdo music forums I’m on pretty much all use Discourse and I find it super user friendly. Very excited these are back! :slight_smile:

As @Lennon said, it’s Discourse. It’s probably the best option for forum software out there. I’m still getting used to the strongly opinionated nature of it, but I do appreciate the aggressive anti-spam stance built in. It’s also used for some rather larger and more public communities than ours, so we get to reap the benefit of the resilience needed for, say, Boing Boing.

I’m thinking of starting a “Discourse Tips & Tricks” thread for the stuff I’m aware of.


Thanks @Lennon and @stormsweeper (just testing out @-ing!). And that tips and tricks thread would be great!

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