What's the scale of the Territories map?

Even roughly, in days’ travel in summer or something like that? To get from, say, Lockhaven to Ivydale, is that a long, risky journey? Or just a jaunt over the hill?

I worked that out once…
hmm… I want to say that using the map 1" = 1 day
That would be hard travel in optimum conditions.

I’m sure there are examples in the comics that don’t synch with that figure, and I’m sure there are instances you could add or subtract time in adventures either with weather or terrain (driving rain or wind at your back, up and downhill on loose stone or downhill on firm soil)

How big would that map have to be full size in order to make that measurement?


I was using the one on the endpaper of the Fall hardcover just now…but the one on the endpaper of the RPG and or the inside jacket of the RPG is roughly the same size (the jacket map may be a teensy bit smaller…but not enough to care)

btw, for measuring, I used a little device that rolls on the map and the guage tells you how long that is in inches or centemeters:

However, you can always just use string or measure segments of the path and add them up. no fancy gadgets required.

d*mn, that’s stylin’. reminds me a little bit of The Darjeeling Limited, with that one brother who’s always playing music in the background to important events in his life, sort of like his own personal soundtrack. It’s all about style.

That is a pretty handy gadget! Would one be able to procure that at any sporting goods store or is there a specific place I should go?

I inherited mine from my Grandfather after he died, so I don’t know where it was purchased (mine is from the 40’s I think). But yes, I would hit up a hiking/camping store first.