What's up with Raid? (Anthology, War)

The Engagements heading describes five types of engagements: Ambush, Battle, Raid, Siege, and Skirmish.

Strategic Deployment gives base Obs for all four engagement intents except for Raid.
There are also four unit engagement skills, one for each engagement intent – except Raid.

Am I missing something? Does Raid get scrubbed into another intent without being a “intent” itself? Can you not use the Strategic Deployment rules for a Raid?

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Gah. Good catch.
I was originally going to split the engagement types into Raids and Battles but in the end I decided the model with four skills that I had developed for TB was more robust. So Raid is a tiny artifact. You can consider a skirmish a raid. I’ll try to clip that in the next printing.

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Groovy. Thanks!

Yeah, I went and looked at the old previews of the War rules when I spotted it and saw that Battle/Raid division in the earlier draft.

Raid as Skirmish was what I was imagining. :+1:

To be clear, should I ignore the Raid entry on the Generating Disposition chart (pg 70) and use the Skirmish entry instead?

Okay this is what I get for answering a question without looking at the rules.

Leave Mr Raid as written. And add Raid as an Ob 3 for Strategic Deployment Engagement Intent.


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Roger that. I know you’ve gone through a lot of drafts of these rules; I’m sure they’ve all jumbled.

Use Skirmish as the unit skill for Exploitation when in a Raid?

Yes, that should work.

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Groovy. Thanks!

Add this bullet to Unequal Strength: Exploitation
“Units on a raid or defending from one test Skirmish.”

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Ah, what about the compromise tables?

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