When could I order a physical copy?

Hi, I’ve got a question.

I didn’t preorder Burning Empires, and I’m getting jealous of people who did. I know preorders won’t be extended, and I understand that’s fair, it’s my fault if I didn’t. Here comes my question.

I would like to order the physical corebook (not interested in PDFs, I haven’t got a printer machine), so I want to know when physical books will be avalaible for the bunch of us who didn’t preorder. Thanks!

Either at Gencon or in September.

I will only have 100 copies with me at Gencon. That’s all that’s going to get here from the printer before the con. After Gencon, we go home and fulfill the preorders. After the preorders are fulfilled, I will put Burning Empires up for sale at Key20.

Also, if you live in New York City, I’m known to frequent the Compleat Strategist. You might be able to get the books there before regular orders are available. You won’t be able to mail order them from there, though. You’d have to go in and buy it.


Unfortunately, I don’t live in USA, so I won’t be going to GenCon. But I’m very glad to know that I will be able to order it in September :smiley: . There’s a tiny possibility that I will be going in September to Philadelphia (and New York is not so far… :roll: ), but I don’t know yet. If I don’t go, I guess I’ll order it.

Thank you very much, Luke, for answering!

We wants our booksies! :stuck_out_tongue:

I discovered the game yesterday, too late to me to pre-order one, but I’ll order one (and I think a friend will buy a copy, too) when it become avalaible at key20 (I’m from Spain, too, far away to go to the Gen Con to try to get a copy ;))