Where are the Territories


Having dome some research for translating MG to Spanish (ese, we’re all latinos in our patrulla, vato), I’ve found out that it seems most of the flora in the Territories is of North American origin, whereas I first thought it was all european. Any word on the “real world” location (or location(s) which they’re based upon) of the Territories by Mr Petersen?

Maybe there’s no “official” answer, but it seemed a rather curious fact.

G le Dada

the reference section on p.320 mentions the michigan field guides and seeing that David Peterson was born in Michigan, i’d imagine that’s where these Mouseguard Territories are located

Hey thanks!


And here I was pretty sure it was the remains of a Vaylen-ravaged planet.

I thought it was in my back yard.

Yeah, now that you’re off the island, I hear the moose are just overwhelming.

At last their not Snowy Leopard Seals.

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David Petersen: “Mouse Guard is also kind of like my love letter to Michigan.”


I have no words for how much I love that. I hope he doesn’t mind me taking what he started to play out my love letter to Cook Forest. :slight_smile:

But w/out you! :eek: