Where can I find a online game?

I really want to play and this is the best option for me.

It is probably best to look at the forum, BW Play by Post, to see if there are games recruiting.

I have a pir starting Summer session of a first year. If you look over this thread, you can see a bit of the details about it.

I’d be willing to bring in a third if you feel comfortable committing to checking-in to write at least twice a week.

I am in the process of gathering up some people to play Mouse Guard via Google+ Hangouts using the Tabletop Forge app. (Tabletop Forge is a virtual tabletop that works inside of Hangouts.) So this would be live play using full-group videoconferencing, shared dice rolling, the works.

If you’re interested, let me know.

I am, I am in the central time zone if it helps

PM sent. In order to not turn this into a recruitment center, anybody else can just PM me if they’re interested.

I am currently in the planning stages for an online MG game on www.Infrno.net, a great place to do online gaming.

I was also going to suggest http://www.infrno.net/
I’ve been looking for a MG game for a while now.

I’ve got a game that is about to start over here:
It will be play-by-post, but punctuated with a monthly Google+ Hangout web chat 4hr+ session.

Email me at murdockpeter AT the gmail thingy if interested, or reply on that interest thread on the campaign’s G+ “Page”.

I’ve still got at least one slot available. I’m planning on running a 4 mouse patrol.