Where do I buy my thousands of ganasch?

I’m probably just missing where it discusses this, but how do I, by the rules, acquire
my hordes of vaylen engineered monstrosities?

Circles? Resources? GM fiat?

Thanks in advance.

Clan Leader trait or by purchasing an affiliation or a subordinate character who is the second in command of that affiliation.


Could a Vaylen geneticist character make rolls in play to breed some, as well, presumably with some modifier for the large numbers?

Yes. Check the Vaylen Eugenics section in the Alien Life-Form Burner, particularly the Building a Body in a Manuever subsection.

Vaylen Eugenics functions for the Alien Life-Form Burner similarly to the way Fabrication functions for the Technology Burner. You can build a body as part of a building scene, as outlined in the sections mentioned above. But it must also happen during a Conserve or Inundate maneuver.

So it would work like this:

  1. Building Scene. You’ll want to create the body. You’ll also want to Circle up a Vaylen lieutenant to put in the body, unless you’ve already Circled one up or have a relationship.

  2. Infection roll using Eugenics for a Conserve or Inundate. This reflects building or unleashing, respectively, your alien hordes.