Where have all the Shadakai/orphans AP threads gone?


I loved those threads back in the old forum, and I see they haven’t been ported to the new forums. I have a copy in my drive, so that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem; what I really want to now is the status of that campaign, and to urge Luke and company to write more APs!!!

The adventures of Si Juk have been pivotal in my understanding of the game, and have guided me many times in the direction I’ve taken in my own campaigns. The other adventures, as well as the chapter on the Storm King in the Adbu have been so important, as well.

Kinda tangential, but it would be great to have a book collecting all those APs and narratives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The threads are a bit dated in terms of mechanics and tone, so I shuttered them with the hope that others would grow in that space.

Most recently, Si Juk, Park and company were back in Koyok Kim with an army to suppress the Kim rebellion there. It’s not going well! We tested early versions of the war rules there, too.

And Anhui, the Storm King and others are trying to end the Storm. It’s not going well, either. Of the four mages who began this quest, all are now cursed, Anhui among them. He was put to sleep for 10,000 years by the Chime of Dreams!


Anhui is Mr. Dō, right?

So… I know writting APs demands lots of hours of work. Are you planning on writing more, perhaps as commentary on the new rules? Or do you think it’s not worth the trouble?

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Anhui/Han is the sorcerer whose miscast cause the storm to erupt.
Mr Do has become a fire cultist and the First Second Chief Imperial Architect. Though after delicately declining to become the emperor’s spy, he is living on borrowed time.


Hi Gonzalo. I appreciate you asking.
There are a number of reasons why I haven’t posted an AP in a few years:

  1. APs are a lot of work;
  2. My time is limited;
  3. I try not to post online very much anymore;
  4. I have been prioritizing publishing and socializing other designs (TB and M&M);
  5. And for the past few years, I just play Burning Wheel for fun with my friends. I don’t want it to be work or stressful in anyway.

Thanks Luke. I imagined it was something along those lines. I appreciate what you wrote so far, and I’m glad get to keep playing bw for fun.

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