Where is the "Creatures" pdf mentioned in BWCodex? And how to convert MonBu

Hi there, the Codex mentions a creatures pdf in a line somewhere… where / when can I get this?

Also what changes need to be made to convert over creatures etc. from the old Monster Burner?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This reddit thread may answer your question.


Any ideas on what needs to change and how from the old MonBu to make it work with BWG? Thanks.

Hi Tiger:

I think the rule of thumb is:

Convert weapon speeds unwieldy, slow, fast to 1, 2, x respectively

Double the speed modifier to get stride.

That takes care of most of it. Any info on Gold or the Codex should supersede that.

Armor has slightly changed as well: It used to jump from 1D (gambeson, leather) to 3D (reinforced leather), then 4D for mail etc. Now it’s gambeson 1D, reinforced leather 2D, light mail 3D, heavy mail 4D.