Which burners are superceded by BWG?

Obviously the first two books, Burning Wheel and Character Burner are superceded.

But what about Magic Burner? Do the changes to magic in BWG render this obsolete? Should I not bother to get it? Is there another version coming out?

How about Monster Burner? Same questions as with Magic Burner.

Thanks, and, before I forget, let me say BWG looks GREAT!


Oh yeah, I forgot: same questions for Adventure Burner!


None of them are superseded, but elements in some have become obsolete.

The Monster Burner was our first supplement and so suffers the most. All creatures need their speed multipliers updated to Stride. They need their weapon speeds updated. The sample scripts in the Illuminated Bestiary need to be updated. The lifepaths for the four included stocks could use a going over. I don’t think any of this is too onerous.

The only problematic element of the Magic Burner is the Abstraction and Distillation chapter. Because we changed the way Sorcery works in the core books (i.e., Sorcery no longer benefits from Will dice), Abstraction and Distillation doesn’t work properly anymore. I know some people here on this forum have been working on ideas to update it. In all, 95% of the book is still golden.

As far as the Adventure Burner goes, the only bit that’s no longer relevant is the advice on tactics in Fight!

Thor: perfect, thanks!

No sweat. Welcome to the forums!

I just ordered the whole set of books, along with BWG. Are there guidelines in the BWG book that explain how to update BWR speed multipliers and weapon speeds to Gold standards? If not, could these guidelines be made available? I do not have Burning Wheel Revised, so comparing the editions to suss it out is impossible for me.

Also, for the AdBu, is the whole chapter on Fight tactics obsolete? Or does a lot of the advice still hold true?

The updates are obvious. Just use the stats in Gold.

Unfortunately, the Fight tactics have changed significantly between Gold and Revised. The action vs action stuff is relevant, but the positioning tactics are not.

Stride is for the most part just the Speed Multiplier doubled, so 7 for Roden and Trolls, and I think 8 for Wolves and Spiders? (from memory, books not with me). These critters should have strides listed in the Burning Rogues section of BWG, too.

For weapon speeds, match the weapon/trait to the closest weapon in BWG, or something like Fast is probably WS X, Slow is WS 2, Unwieldy is WS 1.

I found all the strides for standard and monster burner stocks on BWG p530. It doesn’t look like it’s always x2 but they are there for reference.

Are there plans for updating and reprinting the Monster Burner and Magic Burner? I don’t need them at the moment, but guidelines for creating traits and life paths would be handy down the road.

And you can find those guidelines in the Monster Burner, any edition. Even the early-printing still-talks-about-paces one I have contains totally up-to-date rules for all of that. Look at Thor’s post, detailing exactly what needs a cleanup. Do you see where he listed “the rules for creating traits, character stocks, and lifepaths?” Yeah, me neither. That stuff hasn’t changed in Gold, and so doesn’t need updates.

Seriously, the only change I’d worry about is Abstraction and Distillation. The rest of it, you’ll find yourself converting in your head before you’re even done wishing there was an update.

Gold versions of the supplements are dependant on sales of BWG. We’d like to do them, but BWG needs to prove the demand first.

So, my purchase of a BWG “GM’s copy” and a BWG “Player’s copy” (one from my FLGS – still not in stock, and one direct from GW online store – in my grubby hands) is directly contributing to the potential for updated supplements? Excellent! Now, time to work on getting all of my players to purchase their own individual copies as well…

There are players who buy their own books?!

I kid, I kid. One of my four has bought one book before. :wink: