White Resources

Im just making certain my perspective is correct.

  1. As per the rules, with a cap of 6, Resources may still be higher, right? That’s for skills and stats?
  2. It says you can buy Gray resources and does not indicate buying White Resources. I take it that’s not allowed?

I made a Magnate/Duke that ended up with 360 resource points. In the end his resource stat was B18.


That sounds perilously close to “I’m arguing with my GM and I want the Internet to tell her she’s wrong.” I hope I’m wrong.

  1. As per the rules, the exponent cap does not automatically apply to attributes. This does not mean that exponents may not be capped: that option is explicitly allowed.*
  2. “You can’t buy White” is a good rule of thumb: BWG doesn’t really address buying White-shade starting abilities. Further, G13 Resources is probably cooler and more Ducal/Magnatastic than W8. But since you haven’t even bought Gray, obviously this isn’t a pressing concern for you.

*If we’re talking theory here, I suspect Health and Steel are the drivers here. For stats and skills, you can put points in a different stat or open a new skill to keep those abilities under the cap. Obeying the cap means versatility at the expense of power. But if you went down the list and came up with Steel 7/Hes 6, it’s not like you can drop it to 6 and do something else with the point. Bringing it down to cap means giving up a point, basically. That sucks, and it’s not like that character is going to be an abusive min-maxed badass (she could be terrifying with the right traits, but dropping one point of Steel won’t really change that.)

I would worry if this were a question of arguing with my GM, mainly 'cause I’m the GM.

Yeah, I see that it changed from Revised that let you spend 10 points for a White Shade skill or stat. I see now that’s something that got pulled and it’s easy to see that it’s probably for a reason.

We also talked about the fact that at that level his maintanence rtolls are going to be very high and W8 would probably be more of a hinderance than a boon with ob 10 rolls getting thrown around.

I think it makes sense to wave attributes in the cap for three very important reasons…
its self regulated already in Reflexes, a punch in the gut in health and Steel (as you mentioned) and you’d obviously have to create an exception to the exception with Mortal Wound… lol, could you see characters running around with B6 MW? :smiley:

So yeah, I think it’s best to settle on G13.

I believe exempting attributes from the cap is discussed in the relevant bit of the character burning chapter. Should be around page 100.

I do love the idea of being supernaturally wealthy but I have no idea how to model that in the fiction. I suppose being heroically wealthy would mean you’re a character in an Ayn Rand novel.

In BWR created a Dwarven Prince with White Resources in order to model the fact that he was vastly wealthy, and had really good credit. At the time I thought you could have a B16 resources, but now I wonder if it shouldn’t, RAW, be capped at 10 in any case.

I thought that it was implied by the advancement table that all exponents were capped at 10.

I think Resources have no cap.

Resources has no starting cap as per page 105. Additionaly, most other things are capped based on racial maximums (or emotional attribute freak-out limits) which resources doesn’t have. Also, I know the advancement table only goes up to ten, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a hard line, especially since the “number of dice” chart on page 41 goes all the way up to 18D (which is possible, but difficult, to reach if you’re limited to exponent 10).

I suggest that black shade resources account for more material possessions. Chests and chests filled with gold. Grey or what, on the other hand, are increasing levels of social wealth. Like Larkvi suggested, white shade resources means people are very willing to lend you money. It’s like a triple A credit rating.


Supernatural resources might also not be totally mortal. With Fae owing you favours, the Midas Touch, or other just weird sources of money that are purely magical, but not as mundane as a spell.

Supernatural resources might also not be totally mortal. With Fae owing you favours, the Midas Touch, or other just weird sources of money that are purely magical, but not as mundane as a spell.

That sounds wonderfully full of tension, pain, and crisis doesn’t it. The Fae are always so easy to deal with and things turned out well for Midas. Genius, and so consider it stolen for my games.