Who rolls against Weather / Wilderness challenges

My intuition is that all mice have to roll individually against these and individually receive conditions – why would one tough mouse allow all others to remain untouched by a storm? However, in other challenges one mouse (the idea originator) seems to roll with optional help from the other mice. Is it the same with weather?

Can you give an example?

If i understand the question…

One mouse rolls when:

  • when everyone agrees to help one mouse, and be bound and affected by that one roll. (see the help rules)
  • when the obstacle is such that only one mouse could tackle it (like opening a narrow spot in a tunnel to be able to get through…) and failure would prevent someone else from trying.

Every mouse rolls separately when:

  • They all reject the option to help one mouse, fearing failure too much.
  • They reject helping in order to obtain failures
  • they are sufficiently separated that they could not help each other.

Most of the time, they should pick one mouse to roll, and help him, but individuals needing one or two failures might opt not to help in order to obtain those failures.
Very rarely should you as a GM prevent them from hving the opportunity to help the acting mouse.
Only when by their own choices they’ve split up should you enforce separate tests as a GM call. (I’ve had that happen.)

For example, if the mice are caught in a fierce snowstorm have to make a health check, I would assume this check is made by all mice individually. How about a survivalist check in the same situation? Is it assumed that the one mouse making the survivalist check does something to save all mice from the effects of the snowstorm or does his effect make the obstacle of less difficulty for all mice or another outcome completely? Thanks for the help.

Health tests are individual. One mouse can make a Survivalist test to sustain the whole group. It’s even described in the skill factors.