Who's Who?

The eight, non-canon, sample characters were all played by members of BWHQ and Nerdnyc. On Story Games, Jenskot, one of the nice folks in charge of Nerdnyc, confessed that he played Nathaniel.

Can anyone guess who played the other characters?

Who’d Dro play? Thor? Stormie?


Here’s a hint: my character is a mouse.

So was mine.

Fine, a real hint: my character is neither a Patrol Leader nor a Tenderpaw.

Contrary to all my previous characters, my mouse was not a rebel anarchist troublemaker.

Also, Dro did not play a crab!

Was Dro Quentin?


How could you tell?

Page 234, there’s some text that describes Dro playing his character, Quentin :slight_smile:


Silly internet people. All you needed was this line to spot Dro:

“When he was young, he wanted to be a scientist.”

Actually, I didn’t notice the text. I just thought that character had the most mad scientist potential.