Why does no Anvil Life Path grant the Artilery skill?

It just seemed like an odd omission. I mean, obviously the Hammer forces would have more uses for it (being armed almost exclusively with Artillery), but surely the Anvil would need them as well, for Howitzers and the like.

Of course, I could probably just House rule it onto the Anvil Engineers or a similar life path, but I thought I’d get some more input first.

Seems like a simple oversight to me. Given that the skill description explicitly covers both ship based and ground based guns.

The Anvil lords and Hammer lords both have the skill. So do the fire control techs in the Hammer settings.

Using the nomenclature of Traveller, the hammer artillery would really be “ortillery”- orbital artillery.

Come up with a new Anvil life path -

Ground Pounder.
4 years 1 Res 0 Circles +1 P (because they are moving round all the big shells)
Skills: 5 pts: Artillery, Scout-wise, Big Guns-wise, Advanced Mathematics
Traits: 1pt: “Speak up! Um’Bit Deaf!”

That’s odd. Anvil Lords get it, but I suppose a dedicated path wouldn’t hurt.


I homebrewed one and ran it past peer review on the forum a while ago. It’s now on the wiki:


Those are some pretty nice lifepaths ther Sydney. Thanks for chiming in and posting the link.

I think recently there was some talk about watercraft that is answered by some of the other stuff you wikied as well.

Lord Sydney’s Military LPs are the bomb. With the possible exception of the Camp Doctor not getting the Hawkeye character trait… but I digress…

I am rocking the hell out of the Cadet (as Janissaries) LP in our current game. Good times!

Heh. I am well pleased. Although, technically, only the “EOD” lifepath is the bomb…

Near the bomb, at the very least.