Why i am happy i can't play in a local Mouse Guard game

Two weeks ago i GMed a session of MG for a few people. One of them had bought the Boxset and wanted to run it later on. He tolled me he felt really constrained by the Turn structure and thought of breaking this up for his home game. i tolled him to try it first for 2-3 sessions before making changes to the rules. I still asked him if i could join his game. This week i got a mail from him telling he there where to many people allready and that there would be no more place for me.
I meet him yesterday and talked a bit about it with him. He said there are allready 6 people in his group, it’s understandable that he doesn’T want to deal with a 7 mice patrol. He then said what kind of houserules he had. He took the turn structure away completely making it more like a traditional rpg. He awards advancement checks in the session, depending on what he thought was appropriate. He decides when traits are appropriate in rolls and how they affect things. He said his rules are just as good at challenging beliefs and goals etc. He said he is a experienced GM and can deal with that. He siad he bought the game more because of the setting and not the rules He didn’t see who the rules strengthen the setting and said rules are more of a guideline anyway.
In the end i am happy i’m not in this game since they are surely aren’T playing mouseguard anymore

rant end

That sound you hear is my teeth grinding.

Mouse Guard plays best with 3 players and a GM. Ask him if you can lighten his burden and take some of his players off his hands. :slight_smile:


It plays just fine as written with 6+GM save for one change: double the number of encounters… I know, I’ve done it…

Very not cool. Mouse Guard is not Mouse Guard without the system.