Why is there a soft limitation on the number of magic users in the party?

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so the book entry is on p224:

“…sorcerers and priests… I recommend that either only one player take on the role of the above, or all players play one. Having a mixed group of magical and mundane characters is challenging to run. Such a grouping creates a pretty big rift in the standard adventuring party-style play group.”

Can I have some examples as to how having 2 magic users and 2 non-magic users would create rifts in a pirate campaign? Like what’s wrong with having a cleric, wizard, rogue, and fighter party? Most rpgs don’t have this sort of soft limitation so I’m curious as to why this matters for BW.

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I don’t have my book on me since I lent it to my friends to do character burning, but one of them told me that in the book it says that there should only be one magic user or the whole party should be magic users. Currently for our campaign we will have 2 magic users and 2 non magic users all with 3 lifepaths, will that be fine? Also does that soft limitation apply to faith users and other characters with emotional attributes?

The spell casters rapidly eclipse the non-casters in a sort of BMX Bandit and Angel Summoner way.

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Although one magic-user is just someone with a hat, and in BWG often a very specialised hat due to spells being expensive, two magic users have twice as many things that they can do.

And they can teach each other.

I guess that does make sense given the fact that the game is more about the characters and less about working together to complete an objective.
I also would like to add an extension to my question in the OP: Does this overpowering otherworldliness also apply with characters who aren’t Gifted or Faithful like Augurs and Cultists?

It’s mostly just Faithful characters who get out of hand, but Art Magicians are close behind.

Traditional learned spell sorcerers are limited by the spells made available to them. If you create solid in-world reasons why certain spells are available and others aren’t, you can give those characters longevity and personality.

But if you’re talking about other traditions, I could see an Enchanter, Summoner, Spirit Binder and Death Artist working together to tackle some improbable quest.