why is this a conflict or even an obstacle?

So I’m reading through the Deliver the Mail mission presented in the book. I’m thinking of running it with a few friends. Now, two obstacles are presented, one of which occurs when the players reach the town of Gilpledge, but before the GM is to hand over the reins to the Players.

The obstacle is a mice obstacle, and features the famous carpenter Martin. Martin requests the players to help him retrieve his old rocking chair from Walnutpeck. According to the book, he will enter into an argument (conflict) with the players.

My question is: Why? Why am I to assume that the players will be reluctant to help this mouse. As I understand it, if they want to help him, there will be no conflict, and since the conflict is the obstable, that would mean the players succeed simply by saying: “Alright, we’ll do it.” Is this a sort of an optional obstacle?

I think the presumption is that the Guard feels it has important things to do, like protecting the territories from predators and traitorous mice, and Gwendolyn might not be too pleased that they delayed their return to Lockhaven in order to deliver a dowry gift to Walnut Peck.

You’re the one running it. Why do think it’s an obstacle? What’s the conflict in the situation?

But am I right when I say the players can bypass this obstacle simply by saying: “Alright, we’ll help you after we deliver this mail”?

I Don’t think Martin can wait that long.

No, no, I think it’s clear that he can wait that long, since no matter who wins the argument, the GM’s Turn ends then and there, ergo giving the players time to deliver the mail and then escort Martin to Walnutpeck.

Actually, that brings up an entirely different question. Since escorting Martin is covered as a possible quest for the players to use their checks on, does that mean it is optional even if Martin wins the argument? Or are the players now forced to use a check to help Martin since he won the conflict?

In that case they need to make their way across the scent border into Weasel territory find the town and retrieve the chair. I hope they have a lot of Checks handy for their Player’s Turn! It’s going to take a lot more than one.

Just ran to my book and reread the mission. Behind enemy lines to retrieve a rocking chair!!! If they agree to those stakes without an argument they’re probably more of a liability than as asset to the Guard anyway :wink:

Ah, I see what the problem is. Martin doesn’t just ask. He’s an Obstacle. He tests Persuader. If the player agrees, then he persuades them to do it NOW, before they do anything else.

Get in their mousey faces. Challenge those Beliefs!

On the other hand, if they don’t have a lot of Checks I guess they’re making one Game Master happy. Getting halfway to Walnutpeck, into weasel territory and then it is GM’s turn. ‘‘Let’s see what of all possibilities shall I hit you with now? You realize this is gonna be one hell of a GM’s turn, right?’’

Thank you for clarifying this! I must have misinterpreted the book. So I guess the reason the trek to Walnutpeck is covered in the Player’s Turn is for players who won the argument with Martin but still feels inclined to help him (though why is anymouse’s guess) or at least managed to compromise with him to first deliver the mail.