why wear a backpack?

Hi, firsttime poster here.

I’ve been reading through the Torchbearer rules, and getting interested in it, but I have a question.

Why wear a backpack? It takes up 2 torso slots, and provides you with 6 inventory slots, and gives you a penalty to Fight.
A satchel takes up 1 torso slot, and provides you with 3 inventory slots. And that’s it.

So why not just wear two satchels? Same exact benefit, but no penalty to Fight.

I just brought this up on the Google Plus group.

Basically, the designer’s intent was that you would choose either a satchel or a backpack – not two satchels.

Jared (developer) said you could only wear one or the other. Luke (co-designer) said wearing two satchels should count as wearing a backpack. Also, you can load on all sorts of stuff and it requires a Laborer test.

My personal solution is that any combination of containers worn on the Torso counts as a backpack if it has six or more slots or space. So three satchels or a backpack both count as a Factor for Fighter and Dungeoneer tests. Quivers too. Six slots seems like the limit you can get without significant penalty (think large sack, backpack, etc).

I’d treat two satchels as a back pack.

Same here, also i can apply the Evil GM factor rule in some situations, wearing two satchels can be very cumbersome.