"Wielding this powerful artifact, you feel

“Lame. Reduce your stride by one.”

I notice you can transfer negative traits off yourself and onto your Terrible Swift Sword using the Immortal Investment rules!

Is this stealth cursed weapons? I get that you’re not really stuck with the weapon and trait and all… But it feels like there’s some cursed weapons stealthed in here!


As Topi would say, “Well, why not?”


This is also a really nice way to make cursed weapons appear organically

The sword that the barbarian warlord won a thousand battles with was buried with him. But it’s also where he placed his blindness when he advanced in years.

Oops, cursed sword buried in an ancient tomb, but there’s a ready made legend just waiting to accidentally bait treasure hunters! I am in love!


Yeah! It’s also probably a really good sword! By the time he stuck his blindness in it, it would have had an open-ended advantage die and had its speed bumped up!

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