Wiki Gone?

What’s up with the wiki? We’re about to play a BE game and I wanted to read Paul B’s stuff on BE again before play. But it’s…gone?


we’re transferring to a new server.

Cool, good to know. I need my BE for Dummies.

Yeah, it’s been moved, now all we need is for the DNS record to get updated and a bit of apache proxy love. It should be a day or two at the outside.

Yeah sorry I need to get this sorted out tomorrow morning. Soon, I promise!

stormsweeper, you are keeping me from my rightful plunder: all the knowledge on the internets. I shake my fist at you!

…Huh, wayback doesn’t seem to find me what I want, either. I guess I shall simply have to…wait. The horror. until your DNS updates.

A thousand thanks and a blessing upon your noble house, kind lord!

I’m not sure if it is the same problem with the wiki or a new one, but when I try to go to the BE wiki I simply end up at the BW wiki; both domains resolve to the same DNS address. The dyndns address above also doesn’t work. I did get one reply that some of the sites had been hacked.

Anyway, as the main BW wiki is still working fine, so I started uploading some of the stuff I still had.

I set up a new page at – similar to the Mouse Guard page, i.e. as just a section on the main wiki.

I had the character sheet and a couple of the sample chapters, but didn’t have access to upload files to am hosting them on another server and have just linked to them.

In particular I am looking for the Omac demo scenario.


Hi sgryphon,

I moved the Burning Empires wiki to

I’ll go about merging the two wiki’s together properly but we’re short staffed at work because of Thanksgiving and I don’t have the cycles to do a proper merge.

I’m going to pull down the alternate location that you put up on the wiki. Not that it isn’t appreciated but now that the wiki is in place again I don’t want to have to worry about things breaking when I do the merge.

Thanks so much for fixing this; I now have my Omac :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how you are going to merge, i.e. if there is some automated tool that will do it, but if you were just going to cut and paste the pages across then, well, it is a wiki, so contributors could do the majority of the work for you.

I could do some, but there are limitations, e.g. I can’t upload files (but could link across) and there are some central pages that have limited editing.

For example, I can’t change the link on the front page of the BW wiki and then link in the left hand menu (under Rim). (In fact, all you probably need to do is just change the main links so people can access the wiki; a full merge may not be needed).

P.S. It sucks that you guys got hacked.

There’s a way to export the wiki and then import it into a new one. Mediawiki has migration tools that cover most of that stuff. I already made the link change, but I’m sure there are permissions issues that I haven’t fixed yet which should fix stuff like uploading.

And yeah, it was wicked lame.