Wild Chiropteran

Wild Chiropteran
Distant relatives of the intelligent, verbal, and cultured Chiropteran bats from the BW Monster Burner. These bats are squat compared to the majestic Chiropteran, but they share the same love of sounds. Omnivorous, they still loathe insults such as “bloodsucker.”

Might: 2
Nature: 3
Nature Descriptors: Flying, Territorial, Singing

Conflict Dispositions/Conflict Weapons
Kill: 4/Attack: +1D Swooping Claw; Maneuver: +1D, Piercing Screech

Drive Off: 2/Defend: +2D, Flying in Swarms; Maneuver: +1D, +1S, Terrifying Wing Span

Convince: 3/Attack: +1s, Expressive Face; Defend: +1D, Insatiable Appetite

Flee: 6/Attack: +1D, Strong Olfactory; Feint: +1D, +1S, Echolocation

Instinct: Always hide, watching them until the time is right.
Special: Creatures of the Night, suffer -1D in sunlight, but benefit from +1s in complete darkness; Swarms, a group of five or more Wild Chiropteran count as Might 3 rather than 2.

This is my first crack at a Denizen. Feedback would be much appreciated as I’m not sure if I got the tone of dispositions/weapons right. They feel off for some reason, or perhaps too many weapons. I’m not sure!

In our campaign, these creatures subsist on Hawthorne fruit native to their region, but their trees are dying from a disease. Their dwindling numbers are being further threatened by neighboring Wild Roden in a territorial war over nesting grounds; however, they’ve enlisted the aid of another Denizen to do their dirty work in winning back the below.