Wild Magic & 100 Magic Twists

Wild Magic

Some areas of the world are more closely attuned to the outer planes. Some areas of the world are under the dominion of unknown and unseen forces. Some areas of the world are enchanted by the demonic and the divine. These are the reasons people use to explain the parts of the world where the natural laws bend and break inexplicably, where those who are foolish enough to call to the arcane forces for aid lose control of it. These areas are under the influence of what is known as Wild Magic.

In an area affected by Wild Magic, count factors according to the below for all Magician and Elf spellcasting attemts.

Factors: First Circle Spell, Second Circle Spell, Third Circle Spell, Fourth Circle Spell, Fifth Circle Spell.

Effects: A failed casting always results in a Twist instead of a condition. See the below.

100 Magic Twists

[li] The caster is teleported to another area on this plane
[/li][li] The party is teleported to another area on this plane
[/li][li] The caster summons monsters native to this area
[/li][li] The spell becomes permanent
[/li][li] A powerful storm is summoned
[/li][li] Undead rise from the ground and swarm the area
[/li][li] The caster is polymorphed into an animal form
[/li][li] One item in the caster’s pack disappears
[/li][li] Night turns to day
[/li][li] Day turns to night
[/li][li] All food the party is carrying spoils
[/li][li] The season changes overnight
[/li][li] A portal opens to another plane
[/li][li] The party is teleported to another plane
[/li][li] Earthquake!
[/li][li] All water the party is carrying becomes salt water
[/li][li] All metal objects the party is carrying become rusted and worthless
[/li][li] Plants and trees sprout and bear magical fruit
[/li][li] A hole in the ground opens, revealing a staircase
[/li][li] Everyone in the party ages 1 year
[/li][li] The caster’s appearance permanently changes within their stock’s normal range of features
[/li][li] The caster becomes the opposite gender permanently
[/li][li] A perfect clone of the caster appears that may act separately and independently–both now roll half the number of dice rounded down on all tests
[/li][li] Each character’s enemy is immediately summoned to the area
[/li][li] The caster’s doppleganger from a mirrored plane is summoned to the area–can you tell them apart?
[/li][li] One feature of the caster permanently mutates into something animal, alien, or monster
[/li][li] The caster feints and enters the mind of a nearby creature
[/li][li] One item within the caster’s pack becomes sentient and can communicate telepathically
[/li][li] Someone close to the caster dies (not a player character)
[/li][li] Plants in the area wilt and die
[/li][li] A useful item appears in the characters pack (they may or may not notice their pack get heavier)
[/li][li] One item within the party becomes giant in size, impossible to lift or move by any ordinary means
[/li][li] All liquids the characters carry turn to sand
[/li][li] The failed spell disappears from the caster’s spellbook
[/li][li] The spell fizzles with a bang, attracting the attention of anyone and anything nearby
[/li][li] Misfire! A fantastic bolt of energy injures one or more party members
[/li][li] The contents of the caster’s backpack or sack are replaced with a nest of insects or snakes
[/li][li] The caster falls into a deep, magical slumber
[/li][li] The caster summons a magical storm (rain of blood, rain of fire, rain of toads)
[/li][li] The ground becomes quicksand
[/li][li] The caster attracts the attention of a ghost who haunts this area
[/li][li] Time speeds up–conditions are earned every 2 turns, light sources last half as long rounded down
[/li][li] The caster becomes mute
[/li][li] The caster becomes deaf
[/li][li] The caster becomes blind
[/li][li] All food and water within the party becomes poisoned
[/li][li] A third eye appears on the caster’s forehead–who sees what you see?
[/li][li] All of the character’s liquids gain magical properties
[/li][li] The character feels a pain in their arm, upon inspection someone of something has carved a message into their skin
[/li][li] All of the character’s weapons become animated and engage the party in a conflict
[/li][li] a major illusion leads the party astray
[/li][li] A sinkhole opens
[/li][li] A tree sprouts and grows higher and higher until it reaches the clouds
[/li][li] One of more party members catch fire
[/li][li] One or more party members becomes frozen in a block of ice
[/li][li] Zero gravity–the party begins levitating, floating higher and higher
[/li][li] One of the jewels in the party becomes a soul gem, trapping the character’s inside
[/li][li] The party becomes invisible
[/li][li] An item becomes permanently cursed
[/li][li] An Angel falls to earth just moments away from completing its holy mission
[/li][li] Delayed Transmission–the spell goes off but at the most inconvenient time
[/li][li] The spell fails but is not wiped from the caster’s mind
[/li][li] The caster summons an invisible wall around the party
[/li][li] The spell is reversed
[/li][li] The party is surrounded by a wall of fire
[/li][li] The caster becomes possessed

To determine the number of people affected or the number of turns an effect lasts, use the spell circle level (ie a first circle spell affects one person for one turn).

Neat! It’s like a wormhole back to 1991 and the Tome of Magic.