Wild Mouse Population of the Territories

OK a few basic assumptions here.

  1. territories are 7 x 8 kilometers.
  2. Wild mouse population density is up to 15 mice per acre.

This gives us a total population of 207570 mice or more!

For those who think in square miles the territories are about 21.6 square miles.

I expect that the civilized mice of the territories can actually sustain a higher population density than wild mice.

Although this seems a staggering number of mice, it actually seems proportunate to the human population of my home county of St. Lawrence county, NY. This is a predominantly rural county similar in feel to the territories. With a human population density of 42 per square mile.

Yes, I suppose I do need to get a life. I can’t help it though, my dad was a biologist who studied mouse population dynamics

I don’t suppose you know the average speed of a mouse? One not being chased by an owl, that is. Or what the normal range of a mouse is? How far does it travel to forage in a day?

Maybe I need a life too . . .


There would be a couple of other factors within than just basic density, though - I can’t see the territories having that dense of a population.

For one thing, MG mice don’t breed like Earth mice - they seem to have a much more human-like reproduction cycle and weaning, with only one or two children born instead of the litters of a dozen. While slow-breeding would be a one-way ticket to quick extinction for our mice, in the MG world they have human-level intelligence and technology to stave off natural selection.

Mouse towns are suggested to have only about 20-40 families or so, and the cities climbing probably to some 100-200 families.

I’d honestly put the territory Mouse population closer to 70,000 for the entirety.

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