Will 2 exponent and practising

So, If I understand correctly, it is impossible for a character with an 2 exponent to the Will stat to advance this stat through practising, since it requires a Diffucult test and a Challenging test, taking respectively 8 and 16 daily hours to achieve through practice… and this character is limited to a 6 hours per day for practising (Will B2 x 3 = 6). Is this correct?

Therefore, this character need some in play Will test to advance is will skill at least to exponent 6 before this character can practise this skill… is this correct?


Sounds correct to me! Your character doesn’t have the willpower to train their willpower to that extent; they probably get tired of meditating! You’ll need to throw them into the fray of peril to teach them some battle-hardened lessons.

I never realized this limitation but it’s pretty awesome.

Tis by design.