Will as social skill Ob in BE

Probably due to BW experience, we’ve been playing BE assuming that the obstacle for social skills like Persuasion, Oratory, and Ugly Truth is the character’s Will.*

But in last night’s game someone happened to challenge that and we realized it doesn’t say that anywhere in the book outside of Duel of Wits. The only ones that say to use Will as obstacle are Interrogation and Intimidation.

So is this a holdover from BW that shouldn’t be generalized to BE?

  • note that recently, following advice from a recent thread on here somewhere, we’ve been more careful to consider using versus tests if the opposing character has a stake in the conflict, i.e. has or might have an intent beyond “resist”.

Hmm… after posting the question I started wondering, maybe the very nature of Burning Empires with its supercharged Situation and limitations on scenes & die rolls, makes the question moot?

What I mean is, maybe the idea that you’d actually have a test where the character being persuaded/orated/seduced/etc. doesn’t have enough stake in the situation to have his own intent… maybe that’s just too rare of an occurrence to worry about? Heck maybe it’s even anathema to the game … in a “if you’re not using versus tests to oppose social skills, you’re probably not tied into the conflict enough” kind of way.

Thoughts and comments please!

  • Mike

Technically, it’s either a versus test or a Duel of Wits in BE.