Will Requirement for Wizards ?

Is there a minimum Will for Wizardly characters?
I know that the Monster Burner states on the Will 5 entry (pg 20) that “This is also generally considered the minimum Will exponent for sorcerus spell-casters.” However, I currently burning up an enchanter/potion making peddler type who has a long list of skills that suggests a higher perception than will (peasant born, peddler,> city neophyte sorcerer,> outcast rogue wizard.
Yes, he may learn spells but they are not something he should start out strong in.
He is basically a poor peddler who has discovered his true gifts and looks for a way to profit from them.

Any thoughts or suggestions on skills/burn are greatly appreciated!

There is no minimum. However, if the sorcerer wishes to use Coup de Magie or sustain a spell after a May Not, a decent Will is necessary. See Sustaining Concentration After a May Not​ on page 508.

I think that I am going to have to split this one B5/B5 in the mental stats even though I would really like the higher root skill exponents from a B6 Perception I can’t justify a peddler not having an above average Will.

I think b4 is actually above average. in the book page 12 exp 3 is “norminally trained and practiced”, 4 is “competent; everyday stuff doesn’t pose a challenge” and 5 “is expert”. If you want to go for a 5/5 split that’s obviously fine, but I don’t think you should feel dirty is you decide on a 6/4 split. your character is simply competent rather than expert when it commes to willpower.

Actually page 12 says “Exp 3 is nominally trained and practiced” not “norminally”.
Exponent 3 represents something that you don’t usually do but you still have a basic understanding of, or ability to do, whereas an Exponent 4 represents something that you do everyday either through aptitude or training (stat or skill) so following that logic your point is still quite valid. I just never thought of it that way.

I guess I’ll have to burn him both ways and see what works out the best.