Will There be Another Anthology?

I’ve been wondering since I picked it up and saw it was labeled Volume 1. I just wanted to know if there are any current plans. I realize BWHQ is a very small publisher, so I’m not expecting a semi-annual release schedule, this is mostly just curiosity.

I also kind of feel bad that there’s only three books to buy. I am used to buying minis and other ancillary products to support publishers I like, and I’m not ready to buy a new system when I’ve barely scratched the surface of this one!


Thank you for the kind words.

We are planning on releasing another anthology — though it may take us 10 years to do so!

Meanwhile, please do play the game and enjoy it.



I definitely will, thanks for making it! It is absolutely my favorite TTRPG, and quite possibly my favorite game overall.

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Will we see you at Burning Con? :smirk: :smirk:

Probably not, sadly.

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